Sub-Contractor Forms

COVID Screening

Important: MIDD Facility Entrance Screening Process (PDF)

Please familiarize yourself with our COVID-19 screening process. 

All visitors, sub-contractors, customers must have a “CVID” in order to complete the online survey prior to being permitted entrance to the facility.

Please pay particular attention to page 21 of the COVID screening process

Access Note

If you work for the government – you must route your access request through the Port Engineer for approval.

If you work for Mare Island Dry Dock and you have received a Purchase Order from us, you will submit their Visitor Access Request to the email address shown on the instruction page of the document.

October 5, 2021 Update: Date of Vaccination added to form. Executive Order 14042 requires that all federal contractors’ employees and subcontractors be fully vaccinated to work at a federal contractor facility after 12/8/21.

All subcontractors working on-site must sign the Subcontractor Access Agreement, provide the required Certificate of Insurance, and comply with the MIDD Site Safety & Environmental Rules and regulations.

All subcontractors must submit a Visitor Access Request, clearly listing their employees that will be working on site.  A proper photo ID will be required to enter the facility.

All related FAR/DFAR/TAR clauses apply when working on government contracts.