Our Facility

Mare Island Dry Dock, LLC operates on an 18+ acre site of land.
The site, located on Mare Island, is the home of both Dry Dock #2 and Dry Dock #3.
Both are active concrete graving docks with the largest capacity being a length of 720 feet.

Both Dry Docks can accommodate ships under fully loaded conditions.  Mare Island Dry Dock, LLC. has a secure berthing of up to 1,300 linear feet.

recent projects

Dry Dock 2

The first dry dock located on the shipyard is Dry Dock #2.

  • 720 feet long
  • 98 feet wide

Dry Dock 3

  • 680 feet long
  • 90.5 feet wide


  • Crane B-1
    Certified at 67,000 lbs (33.5 tons)
  • Crane D-7
    Certified at 268,000 lbs (134 tons)
  • Crane D-3
    Certified at 56,000 lbs (28 tons)


Three secure berthing options

  • Berth 12 - 650 feet
    Mooring up to 950 feet
  • Berth 13 - 400 feet
    Mooring up to 660 feet
  • Berth 14 - 200 feet
    Mooring up to 260 feet

165-Ton RT Crane

Services list

  • Dry Docking
  • Ship Repair & Conversions
  • Major Overhauls
  • Emergency Ship Services
  • Valve Repairs & Renewals
  • Machinery Repairs & Installation
  • Turbine Overhauls & Repairs
  • Reduction Gear Repairs
  • Structural Steel Renewal
  • Steel & Aluminum Fabrication
  • Vessel Berthing for Repair and Retrofit


  • Cruise Ships
  • Coastal Tankers and Barges
  • Ferries and General Transportation
  • Military Sealift Command
  • US Coast Guard
  • US Navy
  • Commercial Freighters and Bulk Carriers

The health and safety of our customers, employees and their families
as well as vendors is our highest priority. While we
remain very fortunate to have no positive cases being
reported here at MIDD, we will remain hyper vigilant in
keeping everyone informed as well as offer the following
support initiatives to our entire workforce. MIDD will
continue to adopt and implement new requirements and
improved safety measures in response to the COVID 19 virus.
New health and safety policies and procedures
will be communicated as they emerge.
Please click here for additional information
and check back often for updates and new resources.